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Procedure by which the size of the breast is augmented with mammary implants. There are different kinds of implants: silicone gel, saline solution, polyurethane and some others less used with different characteristics. They also show different shapes, we can find the anatomical or water-drop shaped, high profile or low profile, which gives each one different characteristics for each one of the patients. One of the most frequent questions patients have is regarding the placement, where are they placed and time that they last. As for these questions I can tell you that this can vary depending on each client since each one of them has anatomic breast characteristics totally different.

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But for a better understanding of the procedure there are basically three anatomical sides where the implant can be placed: the first and most common is the retro pectoral-position or behind the pectoral muscle, second: the sub mammary that is located behind the mammary gland but in front of the pectoral muscle. And the third: least frequent, is the sub facial that is located behind a membrane that covers the pectoral muscle named pectoral fascia. The placement of the implants can vary depending on the different characteristics of the breast. It can be areolar by the sub-mammary fold, which means by the lower side of the axillary breast where the scar is hidden on the region with the same name or by the navel with endoscopy method. The last decision taken must be by mutual agreement between the surgeon and the patient depending on the case. It is also important to highlight that all of the implants that I use are approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, and the general recommendation is that they are to be controlled on a yearly bases. If they do not show any modifications, they should not be changed. Incapacity for this procedure is no longer than 4 days.